Why join UCT?

There are many benefits from being part of this movement.

UCT prepares you for the future, as well as protects you now.

We’re creating the world we all want for our, and our children’s futures, now.

Why was UCT formed?

Be amongst Trail-Blazers

Be part of the greatest and most significant event in the entire history of humanity, enabling ordinary people to take back their power and break free from enslavement and tyranny.

Seize Our Moment

Take action within a new framework, under Common Law and Natural Law, to create positive change for you, your family, your friends, and all of humanity.

stand together

Stand together with other like-minded people, because there is strength in numbers – and we will win this.

face challenges head on

Face financial and legal challenges in the current system, protected by trusts within UCT jurisdiction.

be prepared

Prepare yourself, your families, friends and communities for wide-ranging, radical and positive changes that you have helped to create and forge, for everyone.

Grow stronger

Share your skills, talents and experiences with others in the UCT, to enable us all to learn, grow and be stronger.

live life As It Should Be

Put plans in place to step away from the current systems of control and tyranny, with a view to building a new life for your family and community, without dependence on current scarcity-based money systems.

We’re universal.

create the future, now.

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Do no harm, cause no loss and accept no wrongdoing against you.

natural law maxim

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