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Some things to note…

Joining the UCT involves a step by step process of creating or joining Trusts which will eventually sit under an umbrella Trust, the UCT itself – that’s why it’s called Universal Community Trust.

Simply put, to join the UCT, first you’ll need to declare your Family Trust or Private Trust.

Your Family Trust or Private Trust must then become a beneficiary of a Sovereign Community Trust [SCT] (also called Anarcho-Nation [AN]) within the UCT, in order to fall within the lawful jurisdiction of UCT.

SCTs/ANs are micro-nations, sovereign in their own right. See UCT Map with current SCTs.

You may want your Family Trust/Private Trust to join an existing SCT/AN, or if you feel you have what it takes to be a leader and nation-builder, you may wish to declare a new SCT/AN. 

Either way, please note there will be verification/approval processes in order for you to join/declare an SCT/AN under UCT. We do not guarantee automatic acceptance of all applications to the UCT.  

You, your fellow trustees and beneficiaries will then affirm your alignment with UCT values and Natural Law, as outlined in the UCT Treaty.

Once your paperwork has been received and approved by the UCT team, we’ll notify you, if everything is in order, that you’ve joined the UCT.

It’s at this point that you can start building, or adding to, UCT communities.

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