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What does it cost to join UCT?

There is no joining fee for you to create your Family Trust/Private Trust and join a UCT Sovereign Community Trust (micro-nation) – which is how you join the UCT.

We welcome anyone whose values and principles resonate with ours. We are looking for like-minded people to help us build a new advanced civilisation, on the rubble of the empire of ill-gotten gains, both to populate our existing micro-nations and to found new ones.

DO you have to be approved to join uct?

Eventually, yes. If you already know any UCT Founding Trustees and/or were invited by them to join their Sovereign Community Trust, then they will introduce you to us.

If you wish to approach the UCT to join, but don’t already know anyone, join our email list and start the process.

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why join the uct?

In the future: Be part of the greatest and most significant event in the entire history of humanity, enabling ordinary people to take back their power and break free from enslavement and tyranny.

In the present: Trusts offer an extra layer of protection against financial or legal challenges. Trusts within UCT jurisdiction have been successful in winning cases within the current system.

What are benefits of joining UCT?

DO you need to prepare anything before joining?

No. Simply sign up to our Join-UCT email list, and you’ll receive all the instructions and template documents you need in a series of emails, including how to create a Family Trust/Private Trust, how to join a micro-nation (Sovereign Community Trust) near you, and more, as well as the UCT approval process.

What if you don’t own anything?

You do not need to own a house or property to join the UCT.

One of our aims is to enable debt free living and abundance through alternative currencies and co-operative trade networks.

Simply sign up to our Join-UCT email list to receive all the instructions and template documents you need, delivered in a series of emails over the next few weeks.

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No obligation, no charge, no time limit.

Do the UCT Treaty or Magna Carta 2020 offer complete protection from criminal and unjust processes (eg. bailiffs, court cases)?

In theory, yes. UCT, UCT Treaty and Magna Carta 2020 have established supreme jurisdiction, restoring the Common Law and Natural Law.

You would have extra protection if you declare your Family/Private Trusts under UCT Sovereign Community Trusts, thus nullifying the existing tyrannical, unjust systems.


However, in practice, this is a work in progress. Existing authorities do not always act in recognition of a different jurisdiction to theirs, often because they’re arrogant or ignorant.

Each person’s case or situation is different, so while we are confident that UCT Treaty and the principles in Common Law and Natural Law stand above any other jurisdictions, we are unable to guarantee that UCT offers complete protection against unjust or tyrannical actions against you.

Are there any examples where UCT trusts offered protection from legal or financial challenges in the current system?

Yes, there are various examples of UCT Trusts protecting people or property when challenged.

Please see our Case Studies section.

If you join the UCT, does that mean the UCT has the rights to any land or property you currently own?

No – your land, buildings and other property are protected in your Family or Private Trust, which the UCT does not even see.

By declaring your Family Trusts or Private Trusts as beneficiaries of Sovereign Community Trusts/AnarchoNations within the UCT, you are gaining an extra layer of protection for your land, buildings and other property.

The beneficiaries of your Family or Private Trusts will be named by you, and will benefit from your Trust as decided by you and the other named trustees.


What if you’re wanting to step outside the system but don’t have the funds to do so?

The UCT has always been committed to enabling people, within the protection of UCT Trusts, to step outside the current system and build a new system, free from debt enslavement.

The UCT is working on partnerships in order to arrange alternative payment systems such as co-operative trade networks and various cryptocurrencies.

The UCT encourages people and Trusts to trade with others using any alternative payment methods, including barter and sweat equity. 


who can join UCT?

We welcome like-minded people from all walks of life, from anywhere on planet Earth, to join us.

Please read the UCT Treaty to see what we’re about.

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