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UCT channel

Official UCT announcements.

UCT Channel

uct discussion

Discussion about UCT-specific issues like joining UCT, UCT trusts, UCT Treaty and Natural Law, UCT jurisdiction, etc.

UCT Discussion

uct free chat

Discussion of any topics (not UCT-specific).

UCT Free Chat

uct self-sufficiency

Discussion about self-sufficient living, including alternative power, free energy sources, food growing, eco-building materials and off-grid communities.

UCT Self-Sufficiency



UCT natural heaLTH

Discussion about natural and alternative health including homeopathy, German New Medicine and herbal healing.

UCT Natural Health



uct skills share, ADS, SWAPS

Listings of unique skills we bring to Universal Community Trust (UCT) communities. Also listings of goods or services for sale or to swap (fiat, crypto and/or cooperative trading) as well as requests for skills, goods and services.

UCT Skills Share



uct cryptocurrencies

Discussion about UCT Token and UCT Cash, the UCT’s official cryptocurrencies. Not for general crypto chat.

UCT Cryptocurrencies



uct crypto free chat

Discussion of anything and all to do with the world of crypto (any crypto, not UCT-specific).

UCT Crypto Free Chat




Promotion of all public UCT and SCT events – information evenings, meetings, webinars, training, and gatherings – kicked off by our first positively energetic #RememberRemember211221

UCT Events




Discussion of psychological and spiritual development, including self-awareness, spirituality, higher awareness, the spiritual dimension of humanity’s future, and tools we can use to attain this.

UCT Spiritual



more to come

Watch this space.

UCT Channel



more to come

Watch this space.

UCT Channel

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