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Some examples of recent successes with UCT trusts in the current system.

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Once you’re part of the UCT, your SCT may be able to help you fight injustices and challenges, such as fraudulent parking fines and debts, bailiff visits and seized possessions, vaccine mandates and vax passport enforcements, 5G radiation harms, and so on.

The case studies below illustrate just some of these situations and the successful outcomes thereof.


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Case study 1: ASSET Protection

A Family Trust under UCT has named their house as an asset protected by their Family Trust. The Family Trust document was then lodged at Land Registry, accompanied by the appropriate forms. This became the basis of a Restriction on the Title, whereby if any charge is placed on the property, the chargor needs to confirm that they have given written notice of their intentions 28 days prior to placing it. This gives the Family Trust time to object and pass the matter to Land Registry for adjudication before proceeding. 

case study 2: Mortgage shortfall cancellation

A Sovereign Community Trust intervened when a pensioner was being chased by her bank for a mortgage shortfall of over £65,000.

When the Trust intervened on her behalf, asking pertinent questions, eventually the bank wrote the debt off, paid £200 compensation and sent a food hamper to the Trust address.

case study 3: giro credit slip as payment

A Sovereign Community Trust paid off someone’s tax bill for over £13,000 with a Bank Giro Credit Slip (with no other form of payment enclosed).

A subsequent Data Subject Access Request was then made to the bank it was sent to, with their reply confirming that it had been accepted and had been treated as a cheque.

Despite this, HMRC kept sending out monthly statements, with the alleged amount owed increasing each time, until it reached over £29,000.

This continued for around 12 months, until HMRC sent a statement showing zero balance and enclosed a cheque refunding an overpayment of almost £800!

case study 4: credit card and loan cancellations

We have numerous examples where debts were cancelled or reduced by original creditors or debt collection agencies when a Sovereign Community Trust intervened using a Notice of Conditional Acceptance process and/or asking pertinent questions about the accounts/alleged debts.

Also see more case studies in our Case Study Archives here.


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