our world is not ours


  • We are bombarded with propaganda via mainstream media telling us unbelievable things are true, when we can see and know the opposite is in fact true.
  • We have been fooled with covid-1984, where our human rights and freedoms have been stolen under the guise of the covid hoax.
  • Criminally corrupt politicians have repeatedly voted in covid restrictions, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that these are completely unnecessary, and cause more harm and death than save lives.
  • Politicians, corporations and the military are increasingly, and suspiciously, in cahoots, ushering in a controlled, surveilled, totalitarian future for ordinary people.
  • Greedy banksters have created money out of thin air and keep us in debt slavery for most of our lives, profiting off us and getting richer, while ordinary people struggle to survive in this rigged system.
  • Big Pharma, with the backing of governments and ‘friends’ in high places, are intent on injecting you with multiple DNA-altering, sterilizing vaccines and pumping you full of harmful medicines which will maim or kill many of us while they profit.

“The current system is a globally imposed hegemony of private, vested interests, the service of which has been detrimental to the beautiful and naturally bountiful Earth, as well as systematically deconstructing the Universal Bond of Common Unity between its peoples, without which freedom, peace, abundance and mutually beneficial co-operation between nations cannot exist.”

And here we are, privileged and lucky to be part of these pivotal times in the history of humanity…

Universal Community Trust, through the  Treaty of Universal Community Trust and Magna Carta 2020, is how we’re going to change this.

We’re dismantling the world of the 1%, and creating a better world where we will all live freely, fairly and in tune with one another, our planet and the universe.

It’s time to take a stand and make a difference.

What exactly is the UCT?

Why be part of uct?

Be part of the greatest and most significant time in the entire history of humanity, enabling ordinary people to take back their power and break free from enslavement and tyranny.


what are uct values?

The UCT’s values and principles are underpinned by Natural Law, and are expressed in the UCT Treaty.

Where do you stand? Can you see yourself living in a new kinder, freer world, guided by Natural Law, where your children grow up in the kind of world you would wish them to?

See UCT Treaty

double protection

Not only do we have the UCT Treaty, but now we also have Magna Carta 2020 – a double layer of protection of our rights and freedoms.

See Magna Carta 2020

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