UCT Briefing: New Joining Protocols – Friday 19ᵗʰ February 2021


Hello to all those new to UCT  or about to join UCT


We’d like to draw your attention to some new UCT joining protocols which we will be putting into place.

Some changes to the current processes are necessary because, with so much interest in the UCT, we realised there is a need to simplify the process of joining UCT even further, as there have been some questions and confusion, as well as some security issues.

Most of you started the process of joining UCT by subscribing to the Join-UCT emails at the UCT website, while a few of you may have received invitations to join the UCT and/or been sent UCT template Trust documents. For the sake of simplicity, all these people new to the UCT and/or at various stages in the process of joining the UCT will be referred to as ‘subscribers’ below.


1. With immediate effect, all subscribers, including those of you who have already signed up via the UCT website and have received some or all of the Join-UCT emails, will be offered, if you haven’t already, the opportunity to create a Family Trust/Private Living Trust [otherwise referred to as ‘FT’] under UCT, as before.

Then initially you will be offered the opportunity to join an existing Sovereign Community Trust [SCT] as a Beneficiary Family Trust. You will NOT be offered the opportunity to become Trustees of an existing SCT, NOR the opportunity to become Trustees of a new SCT declared under UCT, yet.


This differs from before, when subscribers were offered three choices:

Option 1: Having their Family Trust/Private Living Trust accepted as a Beneficiary FT of an existing SCT (as above), which essentially means that the FT Trustees and FT Beneficiaries would become Beneficiaries of the SCT.
Option 2: Option 1 as well as one or more FT Trustees becoming additional Trustees of the SCT.
Option 3: Option 1 as well as FT Trustees declaring a new SCT and becoming Trustees of the new SCT.

Options 2 and 3 are now NO LONGER available to those new to the UCT/subscribers, and ONLY Option 1 applies, initially.


If you have already created your Family Trust/Private Living Trust as per UCT template and instructions that come with the Join-UCT emails and/or the Family Trust helpsheet – as long as it has been correctly done, you do NOT need to change this.


2. More UCT Sovereign Community Trusts have been declared and are being declared as we speak, and these will be added to the UCT Map of SCTs within the next week or so, then updated on the UCT website and shared with you.

At the same time, we are updating a database of contact details for these SCTs, so that when new Family Trusts/Private Living Trusts have been drawn up by subscribers, FT Trustees will be able to contact their nearest SCT directly, and request to join the SCT as a Beneficiary Family Trust/Private Living Trust. Please allow around two weeks for us to complete this before you enquire.


3. Please note that once you have completed your Family Trust/Private Living Trust document, and when you contact your nearest SCT, there may be some eligibility criteria and security checks that the SCT Trustees will go through with you, and a small number of people/families may not be accepted.

These criteria may vary slightly from one SCT to another, so it’s best to discuss these with the Trustees of the SCT you hope to join, rather than approach UCT Admin.


We believe the community values and structures as outlined in the UCT Treaty represent the way forward for humanity.

We need to make sure that we start with strong foundations and positive, active members who live by these values.

We want to attract those who wish to build us up, rather than those who would bring us down.


4. Once accepted by your nearest SCT, and as before, the FT Trustees of each FT and the SCT Trustees will both need to sign an Affirmation of Beneficiaries document, which links your Family Trust/Private Living Trust (the FT Trustees and FT Beneficiaries) to the SCT under UCT.

As before, without this Affirmation of Beneficiaries step, you and your family members who form the Trustees and Beneficiaries of your Family Trust/Private Living Trust, will not fall under UCT jurisdiction.


5. Once you and your family members (who form the Trustees and Beneficiaries of your Family Trust/Private Living Trust) have been accepted as a Beneficiary Family Trust within the SCT, there will be a period of 6 months to 1 year during which you will be offered opportunities to get to know the other families/groups who are also part of the SCT you have joined, and partake in any community actions with members of that SCT.

After that, on the recommendation of your SCT Trustees, and subject to approval by at least two existing UCT Trustees, you and/or your FT Trustees may also be offered the opportunity to become Trustees of either an existing SCT, or to declare a new SCT and become Trustees of that SCT – but only if you wish to.

This is not a compulsory step. Becoming a leader and nation-builder is not for everyone. If you prefer, you and your family members (FT Trustees and FT Beneficiaries) can choose to simply remain as a Beneficiary FT of the SCT you are part of, and you will still be considered to fall under UCT jurisdiction.


6. Disclaimer: UCT Trustees/SCT Trustees under UCT will usually try our best to help you with any questions you have about UCT, Common Law, Trusts, etc. We do not claim, however, to be experts in legal, lawful or other matters, and the responsibility falls on you to research thoroughly any advice or suggestions we may offer in good faith, before you choose to act on the information.


The series of Join-UCT emails as well as templates and help-sheets will be updated with this new information ASAP. Please be patient while this happens.


I will leave you with this (slightly tweaked) quotation:

To join Universal Community Trust means not to ask what the UCT can do for you ~ but what you can do for your community, the UCT as a whole, humanity and the planet.


Yours, in truth, trust, love and light,


UCT Admin


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