#RememberRemember #211221




An urgent message for the British people, featuring an impassioned reading of Remember Remember, The 21st of December, a lyrical prophesy of the beginning of the end of COVID-1984.



On the 21st December 2021, when the clock strikes 7pm, you, your family, neighbours, friends, and millions of complete strangers from every city, town and village in Britain will go out into the street or square or park or field or garden, wherever you are, whatever you’re supposed to be doing… and join a nationwide chorus of “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

We will then all fall silent for one solemn minute in memory of every grandma and grandad they have murdered with Midazolam in the care homes, the hospitals and in their own beds… and for the children who have died of heart failure within weeks of being jabbed at school with an experimental DNA-altering toxic soup, in material breach of the Nuremberg Code.

This will mark the beginning of the demise of the Babylonian cult which has enslaved the peoples of the world in a system rigged to protect thieves, liars and mass murderers from the consequences of their heinous crimes.

Remember, remember the 21st of December, the day that marks the start of no more.

From that day onwards, the British people will refuse en-masse, no matter what the cost, to comply with the diktats of tyrants everywhere, they will remove those tyrants from power post-haste, and they will let justice be done before a common law jury.

Anything less than doing our utmost to bring about that outcome renders us complicit in their myriad crimes against humanity.


Video originally published at: https://odysee.com/@thebernician:7/remember-remember,-the-21st-of-december:a


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